by Stephen Garner

Saks Fifth Avenue has teamed up with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) to promote made-in-Italy style and quality in the U.S. market. This partnership will support and facilitate the export of goods produced by small- to medium-sized Italian enterprises to the United States by offering them visibility and sales across the country.

This partnership is part of the new 2020/2021 program announced by the ITA to promote made-in-Italy goods in the U.S. and to continue the strategy adopted in the previous years. In 2019, Italy recorded an export value to the USA of approximately $9 billion, reflecting an increase of 4.2 percent from 2018. The American market is the first non-EU destination market for Italian exports and is, therefore, of strategic importance for the made-in-Italy fashion.

“I am proud to announce our partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue in order to promote both established and emerging Italian designers in the American market,” said Antonino Laspina, U.S. trade commissioner and executive director for ITA. “Under the disruptive circumstances caused by COVID-19 pandemic we pledge to support Italian brands to broaden their distribution channels in the U.S. and connect with global markets. Our partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue commits to connect American consumers with the high-quality and transparency offered by made-in-Italy products.”

As part of the partnership, Saks Fifth Avenue will make a large investment in order to buy and promote made-in-Italy goods in its website and stores. Additionally, efforts will be dedicated to purchase merchandise from new Italian businesses and increase points of distribution of Italian brands, of which the Saks’ private label manufactured in Italy is considered one. Italian products ranging from ready-to-wear for men, women, and kids to cosmetics, accessories, and jewelry will be showcased by the luxury retailer.

“We are delighted to partner with the Italian Trade Agency to support new and emerging Italian designers both in-store with visual displays as well as online through our digital channels,” added Emily Essner, CMO of Saks Fifth Avenue. “Our partnership with ITA furthers our commitment to provide fashion-forward styles and delivers on our promise to make it easy to experience the best.”

A selection of shoppable products manufactured by both iconic and emerging Italian brands is now available on until November 30th. Further promotion will be supported by social media ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts.

This collaboration will also include store animations and the inclusion of Italian-made brands in five windows of Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York City flagship through November 2nd. This program will also be seen at the retailer’s Houston and Beverly Hills locations.


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