by Stephen Garner
Richard Baker

On Tuesday, October 19th, the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation celebrated its ongoing commitment to support mental health with a cocktail fundraiser hosted by Richard Baker and Marc Metrick at L’Avenue at Saks in New York City.

The event raised more than $1.7 million to support the Foundation’s mission to make mental health a priority in every community by increasing understanding, improving access to care, building protective factors, and reaching communities that are uniquely affected by mental health issues.

Guests at the fundraiser enjoyed a special performance by legendary Grammy-winning artist and entertainer Patti LaBelle, who performed a medley of her most popular songs including Over the Rainbow, Lady Marmalade, and On My Own.

“It is no secret that the past year and a half have posed unprecedented challenges on the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our communities,” said Richard Baker, executive chairman of Saks and president of the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation. “With this latest funding, we are well-positioned to support our nonprofit partners that are directly delivering mental health services to those in need. We are grateful to the many partners who make our efforts possible through their generous donations and look forward to continuing this important work for many years to come.”

Since the Foundation’s founding in 2017, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation have donated more than $4.5 million to U.S. mental health initiatives and reached over 6.6 million individuals with messages that combat the shame and stigma surrounding mental health struggles.

“The Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation is committed to making mental health a priority in every community,” added Marc Metrick, Saks CEO and Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation board member. “We are continuing to work with our nonprofit partners, focusing our funding on programs that train counselors, schools, volunteers, and mentors to support the emotional health of the communities they serve. Thank you to our partners for standing with us as we work to make the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation’s mission a reality.”