by Stephen Garner
The Manual Saks Fifth Avenue
Chris Colls for Saks Fifth Avenue

Luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue has launched The New Office Casual Manual – the company’s master guide to office casual. The manual includes a curated list of seven everyday items that men can sport at the office, as an alternative to the full suit. The 21st Century yields diverse work environments with a variety of dress codes, and Saks is helping equip customers with the new wardrobe essentials. Saks’ The Manual is currently available in store and highlighted on

The Manual includes seven everyday items that are okay to wear in the new office setting. These include the sporty suit, easy layer, refined top, perfect fit pant, dress shoe hybrid, clean sneaker, and leather bag. Within the guide, Saks provides insight into how customers should select and don each item, including details on type of fabric, suitable colors, proper fit and more.

The Manual Saks Fifth Avenue

“The new office casual movement has worked its way into the fabric of professional attire, and at Saks, we are fully embracing the trend,” said Tom Ott, senior vice president/general merchandising manager of menswear at Saks Fifth Avenue. “We are confident Saks will continue to be the expert on menswear at work – with the fashion, advice and items necessary to pull off casual but fashion-forward looks.”

“The casual office trend can be realized in several different ways, so we wanted to provide our customers with plenty of inspiration and guidance,” added Eric Jennings, vice president/fashion director, Saks Fifth Avenue. “And, the manual is not only for customers –we are utilizing the manual as a training tool for associates as well.”