Saturday Morning Menswear: How Cartoons Are Taking Over Your Closet

by MR Magazine Staff

If we’ve learned anything about style over the past five years, it’s that getting dressed doesn’t have to be so serious. The old rules are out the window, and the new rule is that there aren’t any rules. That spirit comes through loud and clear with this fall’s designer collaborations and limited-edition releases, which are dominated by the cartoon franchises you grew up watching as a kid. Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th anniversary this year, which is partly the cause, but the trend is also about the rebellious, young-at-heart energy that’s dominating menswear right now. The Sesame Street crew or Snoopy may have come off as childish five years ago but these days cartoon characters are as readily spotted on runways and racks of high-end shops as they are on kid’s pajamas (just look at Alessandro Michele’s love affair with Donald Duck at Gucci or Kim Jones’s first Dior show for proof). We say pick a flex that speaks to your inner 8-year-old and style it without stressing the details. Mr. Weekend Warrior in his head-to-toe-black sweats might look polished, but admit it: That show is boring. See more at GQ.