Savile Row Tailor Makes House Calls In Philadelphia

by MR Magazine Staff

Photographer Patrick Snook attended his first bespoke suit fitting Thursday with an authentic Savile Row tailor – at the Hotel Sofitel Philadelphia. “Really nice. Really nice,” Snook said as he took in the full-length image of his natty silhouette at the Rittenhouse Square hotel suite. Meanwhile, master tailor Steven Hitchcock drew perforated chalk lines under and over the navy suit jacket’s armholes. He pinched the shoulders back and moved Snook’s arms around: up, down, out. “When your arm hangs back, you get a crease here,” Hitchcock explained as he eyeballed the tiny bit of slack under the left armhole seam. “You don’t want that.” With each fitting – and there will be at least two more – a complete paper pattern will emerge for Hitchcock to finish this three-piece, more than $4,000 ensemble. And if need be, he can make additional suits for Snook. “It’s so very special,” Snook added. “It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity.” Read more at Philly News.