Saving Retail And The New App Revolutionising In-Store Data To Do So

My childhood was spent on the shop floor of my mother’s stores in the largest covered shopping centre in Europe, the Metrocentre. I remember the shop being full of life, bustling with people and coachloads of visitors every weekend. I remember helping customers and playing out the back as well as the queues out the front door, and I can picture the vibrancy of the shopping centre. In the last twenty years, however, the shopping centre has been in slow decline, and it was in 1999 that my mum first started her e-commerce store. She’s now 100% online, and the once-bustling Metrocentre is under jeopardy as the new owners Intu have gone into administration. The story of the Metrocentre and the decline of retail is one that’s repeated across the globe. It was true before the pandemic, and it is even worse after the impact of COVID-19. On top of Intu, retailers such as Ted Baker, Burberry and John Lewis are setting out a series of closures and job losses. Read more at Forbes.