Savvy Retailers Increasingly See Online, Offline Connections

by MR Magazine Staff

The online/offline divide is narrowing, and all retailers should be thinking about commerce as a whole, rather than treating online and offline as two separate entities. According to a recent report from UPS, 38% of today’s purchases involve both online and offline activity — whether that’s researching a product online and buying in store, researching in store and buying online, or some combination of the two. Retailers hoping to thrive in today’s competitive climate need to focus on consumer engagement and experience across all channels. This means desktop, mobile, tablet and bricks-and-mortar locations, and retailers should be tailoring their engagement strategies to best suit each channel, while also ensuring a seamless, consistent customer experience. The way you engage a consumer online is going to be vastly different from how you’d reach that consumer in a store. Read more at The Street.