1. Everyone looks so happy
    Karen you did a fantastic on all the pictures
    Have a safe trip back

  2. To the Chicago Collective, Bruce and his amazing Team including Jollybrowne!!!!
    Thank you for bringing back the inspiration & joy of being in luxury menswear.
    We have all been tested over the last few years…. and anyone who thinks opening back up a county; a city; or a major event
    is easy….. hasn’t been paying attention.
    Left Coast Tee is so proud to be a loyal small part of the of this gathering, bringing together the most amazing group or Brands/Products from around the world, as well as bringing together the greatest Specialty Retailers across our country and more!
    To walk that amazing 7th floor proves that men never had such great product & options to express their style and create their signature.
    “Be Brave and Mighty Forces Will Come to Our Aid…. The Best is Still to Come”
    Thank You Again
    Gary Wasserman

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