by Brian Lipton
Cocona, a Colorado-based technology company, held a special reception at New York’s Gansevoort Hotel on Thursday, June 16 to unveil the uses of its 37.5 technology in apparel.

Numerous brands, including Tommy Bahama, AWEARNESS Kenneth Cole, Victorinox, Carhartt, MISSION Athletecare, Point 6, Bauer Hockey and Trek/Bontrager showcased their newest pieces, some already at market, some for fall ‘16, and some for spring ’17. These companies are utilizing this new innovation in everything from suits to shirts to socks to performance wear. Some brands were also represented by brand ambassadors including New York Rangers star Chris Kreider and soccer star David Villa.

37.5 technology works to enhance the body’s natural cooling mechanism and remove moisture from the garment and the body. It can be used in merino wool, fleece and a variety of fabrics. While some of the apparel is specifically geared to athletes, others can be used in everyday wear, such as suits that will be released this fall by AWEARNESS Kenneth Cole at Men’s Wearhouse.

“It was a great event as it gave our customers the opportunity to be in the same room with each other and see what is being done with this technology,” said Jeff Bowman, CEO of Cocona. “It was really an eye-opener for them in both the diversity and quality of products on the market.”