Vino Gala
by Karen Alberg Grossman
Vino Gala
Riccardo Bifara, Donatella Rosso, Alexander Mannara, Alexander Pedigo

Wine, design and fashion are sublime expressions of the Made in Italy – not just a designation of origin, but a perfect combination of values rooted in a cultural and historical background of beauty, craftsmanship, creativity and passion.

The incredible Italian multifaceted excellence was celebrated on Monday, February 6 with an evening gala organized by the Italian Trade Commission at the Spring Studios in New York City.  The event marked the end of the latest edition of prestigious annual wine tasting event Vino 2017.

During the evening, more than 70 Italian wine producers, indisputable leaders in their sector, guided the 600 high-profile guests through fascinating and memorable one-to-wine tasting experiences to discover the aromas, bodies, tannins and acidities of the most prestigious wines produced in the Italian peninsula.

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Highlighting the tight connection among the different expressions of the Made in Italy upscale quality, six bottles of fine wines by high-end wineries were displayed next to iconic pieces of the most exclusive Italian design and fashion companies, from Kartell and Poltrona Frau to Flos, Pentole Agnelli, Frette and Piaggio, that showcased a Vespa 946 Red, a special red version of the legendary Italian scooter aimed at supporting the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Wine was also the hero of a live performance offered by popular Brooklyn-based anonymous duo The Bambys. The artists gave guests appraisals of their personalities, which were matched with a specific Italian vineyard.

Like everything the Italians do, this fabulous event was classy and elegant! The wine was exceptional, the people gracious, and the mood celebratory, reflecting a joy for life that the Italians are wise to keep front and center in these trying times.

Photos By Sean Zanni/PMC