Mr Sid
by Brian Lipton

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Mr. Sid, the renowned specialty store in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, partnered with Esquire magazine on Thursday, April 14 to celebrate 40 years of carrying Ermenegildo Zegna. Chef Ming Tsai prepared delicious bites for guests, who came to celebrate this special collaboration.

“The event with Zegna was fantastic and we really felt we achieved our objectives,” said Stuart Segel, president of Mr. Sid. “We wanted to drive traffic into the store with new potential clients as well as re-energize our Zegna business which has been competing with some new brands that we recently introduced. Zegna is our largest vendor and we felt the need to reinforce our partnership. It was our uncle and our father who bought Zegna back when the line was just entering into the United States. We have witnessed their tremendous growth over the years and have worked together to form a wonderful partnership.”

Continued Segel: “The classic nature of the clothing and sportswear is a perfect fit for Mr. Sid and the exceptional taste level resonates with our customer base. Mr. Sid has evolved with some of the changes that Zegna has made over the years and this certainly includes the increase in prices. We developed the luxury customer by investing in our sales team as well as our exceptional tailors. We’ve updated our interior to give the store a fresh display and an elegance that better clothing requires. Mr. Sid and Zegna have supported each other through the difficult times and grown together in prosperous ones. It is the main ingredient to our recipe. We look forward to continuing our winning combination and working towards maintaining our path of growth.”