by Stephen Garner

With a growing demand for change in the world, men’s lifestyle brand Sean John and Global Brands Group, which owns the brand, are launching a series of new initiatives to support Black people’s human rights and create a more equitable world. With future collections, Sean John and Global Brands Group will partner with selected organizations to channel 100 percent of Sean John’s net profits to programs and organizations that promote education, voter participation, and grassroots empowerment, and career leadership and entrepreneurship within the Black community.

“In this period of great change, Global Brands Group is committed to being a leader in social responsibility to help create a more just and sustainable world for our people, communities, and partners,” said Rick Darling, CEO of Global Brands Group. “By collaborating across our business, we’re better able to have a positive impact within our industry and our world, and we’re very pleased to be working alongside Sean John on these new initiatives that will directly support the Black community.”

On October 1st, Sean John officially launched its evolved online platform, which includes the relaunch of the company’s Vote or Die “Vote for…” digital campaign to not only drive customers to vote, but also bring to light current issues related to education, human rights, economics, and more. Additionally, Sean John will release powerful videos and visuals to inspire individuals to take action and register to vote. To support the launch, a capsule collection of two new Vote or Die T-shirts will be available for purchase.

The Vote or Die “Vote for…” campaign comes 16 years after its 2004 inception, and later became a nationwide movement encouraging eligible members of the younger generation to vote. While celebrities including Lebron James have already been seen supporting the new Vote or Die campaign, Sean John is taking an intentional approach with an action-driven campaign highlighting the stories and profiles of everyday men and women who are directly impacted by and feel strongly about injustices that continue to occur in America.

The brand partnered with Ro New York, a full-service branding agency, to design and produce bold and comprehensive print and digital visuals to support the campaign. Sean John tapped Ouigi Theodore, founder of The Brooklyn Circus to art direct, shoot, and capture the striking visuals for the campaign. Sean John and Ro New York were inspired by an impromptu speech by Desiree Barnes, a former press aide to President Obama, that ended up going viral and was adamant that she be featured in the campaign. In addition, Sean John will drive customers from to PROVOTE, where they can receive the most up-to-date and relevant voter and #blacklivesmatter coverage and information.

In addition to supporting voter education and participation, Sean John and Global Brands Group will seek opportunities to partner with corporate and education-based affiliates to create scholarship funds and will continue their relationships with community organizations such as the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, Mourning Family Foundation, and Figure Skating in Harlem. They will also create an executive advisory board to guide and direct funding to Black professionals and entrepreneurs.