This Season’s Yellow Is The Only Shade For Men To Be Seen In

by MR Magazine Staff

If your wardrobe has come to resemble a smorgasbord of grey over the last few months, you might be glad to hear that there’s a new color code in town. And, it’s one that sparks a return to bolder shades with the look du jour centering on a markedly brighter uniform. Now, yellow might not immediately spring to mind as a shade most guys would gravitate to but, with a general election in our midst, the optimistic tone it affords is very much in need. Perhaps then, it’s time to reconsider your safety blanket of black and navy and instead, throw sartorial caution to the wind. Instead, brace yourself and switch out that dreary garb for a smattering of acid brights. From mustard to zingy lemon, chartreuse and fizzy sherbert, yellow is officially the new accent shade in men’s fashion. See more at The Independent.