by Stephen Garner

Sebago has launched its first co-branding project with Engineered Garments, the brand established in New York by Japanese designer Daiki Suzuki. A collaboration that shows how a mix of “contemporary” and “classic” aesthetics are a match made in heaven.

This new capsule collection consists of six men’s footwear styles for spring/summer 2021. Each style comes in two different colors, reinterpreting some classic Sebago designs through Suzuki’s vision. The result? A combination of the footwear’s high artisanal value, typical of the brand since its inception in Maine in 1946, and Suzuki’s Japanese aesthetics, also influenced by U.S. sportswear and outdoor clothing.

Featuring a mix of full-grain leather, suede, and asymmetrically textured uppers, all with Vibram EVA soles, Sebago with Engineered Garments will be available in beige, black, and dark brown according to the style.

The collection is now available at Nepenthes stores in London, New York, and Tokyo, among other selected stores worldwide.