Selena Forrest embodies Buffalo style on the cover of i-D

What exactly is Buffalo? For some, it was a pseudo-commercial collective of image-makers. For others, it was a quintessential mid-80s London look: MA-1 bomber, white shirt, Levi’s 501s, heavyweight black boots, pork pie hat. For many, it is the cheeky voice of Neneh Cherry’s 1988 hit, “Buffalo Stance”. Ultimately, however, Buffalo wasn’t really about clothes; it was an attitude. Just as Neneh crooned that it was “looking good, hanging with the wild bunch”, Buffalo is remembered for its community spirit and pin-sharp swagger. You can’t really define it because it was more than just one thing: fashion, imagery, music, nightlife, a city at a particular moment in time. It’s the story of how a London subculture came to influence generations around the world, mapping out a blueprint for where we are now. Read more at i-D