Selling socks and giving back: a tribute to our 41st president

by Karen Alberg Grossman

Houston-based retailer Michael Wiesenthal has come up with a great idea.

“President George H.W. Bush impacted the men’s sock business more than anyone in history,” he maintains, referring to Bush 41’s penchant for wearing eye-catching hosiery in bright colors and novelty patterns. “Therefore M. Wiesenthal men’s collection will be donating 41 percent of all sock sales for the month of December to the George Bush Memorial Fund. I would like to encourage others to do the same to whatever extent they’re comfortable with. Since both retailers and sock wholesalers reaped the benefits from this great American president, it’s a perfect way to pay tribute to him while selling a lot more socks.”

The George Bush Memorial Fund prepares graduates of Texas A&M for public service, offering financial support so they can accept non-profit positions. According to his website, Bush 41 always had a penchant for novelty socks, a fashion statement which no one really noticed until he became wheelchair bound in 2012. Of his condition, a form of Parkinson’s disease, Bush once said, “I loved being active, playing sports, being in the game. But you just face the reality and make the best of it.”

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