“Sex, drama, or nada”: Brais Albor is unleashing sleazoids onto the runway

Sleazoids, bouncers, and dandies; pornstars with pornstar moustaches, hairy arms, and hairy bellies: Brais Albor pumped his graduate showcase with just enough testosterone to blow open a waistband. “The collection was based on the macho Iberico, AKA the Spanish alpha male,” he says. “I was trying to build a hyper-masculine wardrobe in the most emasculine way.” Impregnated with memories of Javier Bardem (in Jamón Jamón) roaming around ham-drying sheds with his flies at half-mast, Albor’s clothing huffed with a burly kind of bravado. The whole thing was a deliberate send-up of machismo, with biker gloves tricked-out in heavy-set jewels, cowboy hats accented with burlesque feathers, and double-fronted trousers left unzipped at the crotch – Hustler White style. Read more at Dazed