Shein Is Holding A Fashion Design Contest. And Judges Are Fending Off The Public’s ‘Negativity’

Pretend for a moment that you are an apparel company that brought in around $10 billion in 2020. You make up 28% of fast fashion sales in the United States. You are huge on TikTok, add 1,000 new styles a day, and currently have more app downloads in the U.S. than Amazon. But, there are murmurs of problems. One of the most pressing is allegations that your company copies some of its designs from indie fashion labels. And it’s happened not once, but a number of times. So what do you do? Hold a contest to find the next top fashion designer, of course! That’s the direction Shein decided to go with its Shein X 100K Challenge. A group of 30 emerging up-and-coming designers competed for a chance to make it to become one of five finalists as part of a four-episode series that started Aug. 22 and runs through Sept. 12. Those finalists were then flown to Los Angeles. The contestants work one-on-one with judges and the winner receives $100,000 and will have their collection featured as part of Shein’s Fall/Winter 2021 virtual fashion show. Read more at Retail Dive.