Shein’s Influencer Trip Backfires Online

The Titanic submersible’s implosion story was short-lived in the media cycle as the world zeroed in on the second most trendy thing to hate after billionaires — fast fashion. Last week, the internet was set ablaze after several hand-picked influencers posted social media content about a brand trip offered by Shein, a Chinese fast fashion online retailer that exploded in popularity in the late 2010s, establishing itself with a $66B valuation as of May. (Though that’s down from $100B in April 2022, *insert sad tune from world’s smallest violin*.) While astoundingly accessible with its penny-priced clothing and plus-size options, Shein has been heavily criticized over “credible allegations” of forced Uyghur labor, multiple human rights and labor practice violationsenvironmental pollution, and lead-tainted merchandise. Read more at Hyperallergic