Why Shoppers Ditch Traditional Stores For Online In Their Twenties

by MR Magazine Staff

Shopping used to be something people had to do. Now, it’s something people do because they want to. And many people don’t want to shop in the traditional retailers that once lined the streets of America. Brick-and-mortar shops are feeling the pressure as Amazon takes 50% of the growth in US online retail sales in 2017; many are struggling to cope. But some recent surveys show that young people actually prefer an in-store shopping experience. In their 2017 Future of Retail report (pdf), communications company WalkerSands found that younger people actually prefer to shop in-store, seeking out discounts, personalized service, product demonstrations, and food and drink. By contrast, less than half (46%) of 26-to-45-year-olds want to shop in stores. Read more at Quartz.