Shoppers Shifting From Apps, Websites To Voice Assistants

by MR Magazine Staff

Within three years, about 40% of consumers will use a voice assistant as an alternative to a mobile app or website, according to the results of the Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute Conversational Commerce Survey, which questioned more than 5,000 consumers in the U.S. U.K., France and Germany. The survey also found that 81% of users of voice assistants have used them via smartphones, while about 32% have used them on a smart speaker, such as the Amazon Echo, and 21% have done so on a screen-based device like Echo Show or Fire TV. Meanwhile, 35% of voice assistant users admit to having purchased products such as clothes through their voice assistants, and said they may spend as much as 500% more through voice assistants in the coming users as they do now, according to the Capgemini study. Read more at Retail Dive.