Why Shoppers Still Love Going To Discount Retailers

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s the treasure hunt, stupid — and the low prices. While department, discount and specialty stores of every stripe are in an arms race to increase their online revenue, one retail sector stands blissfully firm on just brick-and-mortar stores — off-price chains. TJ Maxx, Burlington Stores and Ross Stores have all but thumbed their nose at e-commerce — and are still killing it when it comes to growing sales. In fact, Dublin, Calif.-based Ross doesn’t even let its customers shop online. Their secret? Shoppers love hunting off-price store aisles in hopes of discovering that unexpected gem. Off-price shoppers “like the treasure hunt,” said Richard Baum, managing partner of Consumer Growth Partners. “There are a lot of people who don’t mind going through the racks, and their stores are bright and clean,” he said. Read more at New York Post.