Should New Brands Launch E-Commerce?

by Neal Kaiser

New Expert: Neal Kaiser of Upshot Commerce

Neal Kaiser Upshot Commerce-mediumQ: Should I launch a direct-to-consumer e-commerce site for my apparel brand?

A: Often the main concern behind this question is the issue of balancing the relationship with your re-sellers or channel partners. Young brands will set up an online retail store and then set prices that “don’t compete” with their distributor network. Nobody wants to upset their re-sellers. But if you want to grow your business, a full direct-to-consumer (DTC) operation is essential.

The primary reason for going direct is the opportunity to have direct access to the customers who are buying and using your product. As a retailer, you get the unique chance to convey your brand’s message and to present your product and your business in the best possible way. This will have a direct impact on your sales, and also will help you improve your brand’s image.

Another important benefit of DTC is that it allows you to build feedback loops and get first-hand knowledge about your market and the trends in your business. This includes implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as social media integrations, which allow you to communicate directly with your fan-base. For more on the topic, read this post on our Upshot Commerce blog.

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About Neal Kaiser

Neal Kaiser is the founder and CEO of Upshot Commerce, a leading provider of omni-channel commerce solutions. He has envisioned and led the creation of countless mission-critical applications relied upon by retailers around the world.

Neal developed the initial platform in 1994, while still in college, making his company among the first e-commerce companies in the world, and has two decades of internet and technology experience in omni-channel retailing. He has led integration efforts with companies such as eBay, Amazon, Sage, and his company has recently turned its attention to helping midsize retailers and apparel manufacturers navigate the complex worlds of e-commerce merchandising, inventory, and order management.

Neal’s breadth of work includes e-commerce related initiatives for over 500 companies including ZipCar, NASA, Tea Collection, The Boston Globe, Ergobaby, and the US National Gallery of Art.

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