Showroom snapshots: Bugatchi Uomo

by Harry Sheff

Looking at the photo below of Bugatchi Uomo’s New York showroom, you don’t get a sense of how huge and colorful the collection is. It’s enormous, and I was stunned to hear that what we were seeing is a single season (fall 2013). That is until I remembered the Boca Raton-based sportswear brand’s long hallway-like booth that takes up both sides of the aisle at MRket Las Vegas.

Bugatchi Uomo

The brand has evolved from sport shirts to many categories (although the logical next step of soft coats is yet to come), including shoes, socks, neckwear, casual trousers, bags, belts, outerwear and small leather goods.

Shoes, which retail for between $185 and $200, are in their second season. Outerwear debuted fall 2012 and small leather goods followed in spring 2013. Next to the seemingly endless collection of vibrant shirts, what stood out to me was the socks ($20 retail).

Bugatchi Uomo socks