by Karen Alberg Grossman

Some of the most exciting luxury fashion for men is now showing at the Triluxe Showroom, 25 West 36th Street. Recently welcoming the iconic Paul&Shark brand, Rian Gardiner talks about Andrea Dini’s wonderful family business (they own facilities that both spin the yarns and craft the garments): “The care and detail that go into every item are exceptional,” Rian notes. “This includes their ‘Save the Sea’ project, a collection using certified recycled polyester filaments derived from post-consumer plastic bottles that pollute the sea. The resultant fabric provides thermal insulation, waterproof and windproof performance while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.”  

Gardiner models Paul & Shark…with a little help from his silent partners.

Coats in the collection (suggested retails) range from $595-$2500 for Loro Piana’s 100 percent cashmere down-filled storm system models. In addition to special outerwear and sweaters, strong in-stock programs are key.

Pal Zileri, here and top of page.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out Pal Zileri, another outstanding Italian brand with beautiful outerwear and distinctive luxury sportswear. For more info contact

Navarro’s Tribeca selling space.

An innovative new showroom concept is being launched this season by Alex Navarro of NN07 (No Nationality, a modern lifestyle brand founded in 2007). With a goal to unite emerging brands to improve the brand experience for retailers, Alex believes that there’s power in numbers. “I have no financial stake in these nine, hand-selected international brands,” he explains. “I just believe in a high-touch service approach to selling advanced collections. Our space is a 10,000 square foot loft in Tribeca (533 Canal Street); we’re showing January 16th-26th with food all day, drinks all day, graphics, images, storytelling…”

Participating brands.

According to Alex, “This is not a show. It’s a community that offers a beautiful space to work, share stories, and build strategies and alliances.” He adds that top retailers who have visited the space are already big fans. “They tell me they could spend all day here, that our merchandising and storytelling gives them ideas for providing an elevated customer experience in their stores.” For more information on this community-inspired experience, contact

Edgy…and luxurious.


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