by Karen Alberg Grossman

What do you do when you need a dose of creativity but lack inspiration? Some of us will go for a run, others might indulge in a bubble bath or glass of prosecco to effervesce those blocked brain cells. But according to a recent exhibition entitled The Journey of the Chair, (at the Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston through August 27), inspiration can come from simply sitting in the right chair. In this case, it’s Andrea Bianconi’s limited edition Biga chair, inspired by a Roman chariot and produced by Italian chair designer Luxy.

According to the press material, “Andrea Bianconi’s Sit Down To Have an Idea® places the notion of being a thinker and human being with powerful ideas at the forefront of its design.” In other words, the chair’s creators were driven by the “new functional, aesthetic, and psychological needs of contemporary living during a time of Smartworking.”

In this way, says the designer, the Biga armchair becomes a metaphorical object representing the birthplace of ideas, so it’s not just a piece of furniture but rather a transformational experience. “I wanted to reinterpret the role of the chair,” says Bianconi “and give it a specific function: the task of stimulating creativity. In a moment of closure, it was the greatest form of freedom I had at my disposal.”

Press, influencers, fashionistas and art enthusiasts came together to celebrate this life-enhancing exhibit during an opening reception on July 8th. For more