Six Things You Need To Know About The Future Of Retail

by MR Magazine Staff

What was the last item you bought online? You probably won’t have to think too far back. Browsing for new headphones on Amazon or buying a 10-pack of socks in one click off ASOS: it seems as natural today as going to the nearest tailor would have been decades ago. Shopping is increasingly happening online, and for an industry like retail – worth £366 billion last year in the UK – the implications are big. While retail sales are looking healthy, with a growth of nearly five per cent year on year in August, saying that the relationship between retailers and consumers has changed would be an understatement. New technologies and innovations such as the transition to digital have transformed the nature of shopping. This week, at Wired Smarter, we looked at how retail is set to change. From sustainable brands to the use of AI: here are six things that we learned. Read more at Wired UK.