If Snap’s Strategy Is Building New Products, It Won’t Live Up To Its IPO Price

by MR Magazine Staff

In light of Snap’s IPO, there has been an immense amount of speculation about the long-term viability of the company’s strategy. Two elements of it have caught some attention: Snap’s statement that it is a “camera company,” and its intention to reinvest its revenues in developing new products that will take significant time and expense, but which it believes it can develop faster than competitors. How should you interpret the viability of Snap’s strategy amid the many opinions? The cacophony of commentaries isn’t unique to Snap; it also infects the general view of digital and digital transformation. The conventional wisdom holds that every industry is being disrupted and all the rules have changed. But have they? A close look at the core ideas of technology strategy suggests that beneath the sound and the fury lies a set of fundamental principles that can guide leaders in making smart choices. These same principles can help cut through some of the confusion around the viability of Snap’s strategy. Read more at Harvard Business Review.