by John Russel Jones

Iconic men’s sneaker brand P.F. Flyers released a baseball-themed collaboration with footwear and fashion artist Alexander-John today. The provocative capsule, Baseball is Dead, features skeleton slugger drawings by the designer on the brand’s Center Lo Classic canvas sneakers. The black canvas of the low-cut kicks—with distinctive ribbed toe guard and supportive underfoot Posture Foundation—functions as a canvas for the artist’s yellow signature, green pennants, and bone-colored skeleton players. The capsule also includes limited-edition baseball jackets with a reworked skeletal P.F. Flyers logo and bones on the sleeves and skeleton-adorned T-shirts and trucker caps.

Like in many of his custom sneaker collaborations—including major brands and celebrities like Beyoncé and Jay-Z—Alexander-John is telling a story with a subplot of nostalgia. This time, he’s merging the tongue-in-cheek true story of losing his baseball card collection as a kid with a tale of baseball rising from the dead as a trendsetter in culture and fashion.

“It wasn’t just losing something that could be valuable in the future, but losing my heroes, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, etc. So to stay sane and not feel depressed every day, I decided to act like baseball was dead to me,” explains Alexander-John.

“I felt P.F. Flyers, with its history in sports and that unforgettable spot in The Sandlot movie growing up, would be the perfect brand partner to help tell my story and share with other ‘kids at heart’ that have had similar stories.

Each of the 50 pairs in the limited run of P.F. Flyers + Alexander-John ($125) comes with a 3D Baseball Card, hand-signed and numbered by Alexander-John, with a menacingly bony MVP sporting a cracked bat and a PF hat.