Sneaker Brands Are Delaying Releases, Putting A Strain On Retailers

Sneaker retailers are facing myriad issues. Their stores are closed, sales of sneakers are down, and the entire country is facing an economic downturn. In addition, according to Wil Whitney, a sneaker veteran who now manages brand relations in the U.S. for retailer Sneakersnstuff, the hype model is causing sneaker brands to delay their big releases until they can be more impactful. “There have been some significant delays on the brand side,” Whitney said. “They want more of a complete brand story around some of their bigger product [releases], and it’s hard to do that when you can’t have it in store and it’s being overshadowed by this [crisis]. So a lot of the bigger releases have been delayed intentionally since they’ll be less impactful, and some of the smaller ones are delayed just because of delivery problems, which is where we’ve seen the most trouble within our company.” Read more at Glossy.