Sneaker Industry Experts Explain How To Win At The Retail Game

by MR Magazine Staff

One thing that many people who work in the footwear industry have in common, besides a love for shoes, is that they used to work in a sneaker store. Getting into retail is easy. Most go to a store as a young kid and ask for job selling shoes or stocking shelves, and they often work their way up to manager or end up owning the joint one day. Working at a store is vital if you want a prolonged career in sneakers: not only does it line your pockets, but it gives you the base knowledge to either move on to other portions of the industry or, better yet, start your own empire. Gaining that knowledge, however, can be an arduous, trial-by-fire process. To help facilitate getting your feet in the door of the sneaker industry, Complex has teamed up with FIT for its Sneaker Essentials class and the fourth course is on Distribution and Retail. Read more at Complex.