Some Shoppers Balk At Retailers Peddling New ‘Juneteenth’ Merchandise

Clothing retailer Kohl’s is offering gray, green and red “Juneteenth 1865” tank tops and t-shirts for juniors and boys for $23.99. hopes to lure shoppers with dozens of wall hangings featuring abstract graphic designs and silhouettes of Black women, priced at $60 to $160 apiece.

In the first big push to commercialize Juneteenth, commemorated by Black people for generations as the day in 1865 when a Union general informed a group of enslaved people in Texas that they were free, a handful of major retailers are rolling out merchandise.

But some of the goods, from cotton tank tops with red, yellow and green U.S. flags, to lawn accessories featuring slogans such as “Freedom,” are raising eyebrows among shoppers who accuse retailers of exploiting Juneteenth to cash in on President Joe Biden making June 19 a federal holiday in 2021. Read more at Yahoo!