by Stephen Garner

Southern Tide has expanded its efforts to show appreciation to front line workers during the health crisis by joining forces with the South Carolina Trucking Association (SCTA) in their “Thank a Trucker” campaign.

Southern Tide kicked-off its recognition and relief efforts in early April with the South Carolina Hospital Association to assist healthcare professionals with “Hats Off to Our Healthcare Heroes.” After receiving an overwhelming response, the South Carolina-based lifestyle coastal brand looked to how they could support another group of workers on the front line – truck drivers.

By partnering with the trucking association, a leading trade association representing practically every sector of the economy through commercial transportation services, Southern Tide hopes to raise support for the hard-working men and women braving the front lines across the nation to keep America’s supply chain moving. “These individuals and fleets ensure essential goods and groceries are stocked, and medicines and emergency equipment get delivered,” said Rick Todd, SCTA president. “This army of transportation professionals are working tirelessly behind the scenes each day and night, assisting in relief efforts and meeting our basic needs.”

The brand will provide aid through the sales of the brand’s performance hats and trucker hats from their Spring/ Summer collection including a limited edition Mini Skipjack hat alongside a special-edition t-shirt. The t-shirt will feature an original design showcasing gratitude and recognition for truck drivers, technicians, and logisticians. The seasonal hats and t-shirt will be available on

“Southern Tide is pleased to take our relief efforts a step further by partnering with our friends at the Trucking Association,” said Christopher Heyn, CEO of Southern Tide. “We look to leverage our best-sellers and assist the men and women who continue to keep our supply chains up and running as we add additional support to the national #thankatrucker campaign started by American Trucking Association. During this uncertainty, we want to rally our community to give back and provide support to our essential workers.”


  1. A small silver lining to our current crisis is the new-found appreciation and respect being shown to healthcare providers, teachers, and now we can truckers to this list. Anyone who assumes risk or hardship in order to enable the broader supply chain of care for others – all of these people deserve a standing ovation. And kudos to Chris Heyn and Southern Tide for recognizing this and doing something about it!

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