by Stephen Garner

Southern TideContinuing in its expansion, Southern Tide is celebrating an updated Skipjack polo, an item that has been at the core of the brand since its inception in 2006.

“Moving with market trends, I revisited our original Skipjack polo design and re-engineered the fit utilizing cutting-edge design elements,” said Allen Stephenson, creative director of Southern Tide. “The Southern Tide guy styles his polo differently than he did ten years ago. We hope our updates allow for the brand to continue to grab market share. Our goal is to continue to make the best classic polo under $100.”

Southern TideThe polo showcases the brand’s advancements in polo technology and featured updates include slimming the placket, refining the collar, improving the fabric, sharpening the polo’s definition, softening the hand, emphasizing the stretch, and perfecting the wash.

“We were very lucky on our timing refining the new Skipjack polo, our retailer partners’ response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Chris Heyn, CEO of Southern Tide. “The Skipjack is the foundation for our brand. We’re getting a great start to 2016.”