Southern Tide
by Stephen Garner

Southern TideLifestyle and apparel brand Southern Tide has announced the expansion of the brand’s retail footprint with signature stores operated by like-minded wholesale partners in new regions including Southeast Florida and New England. With the idea of “Southern Style” being not about geography but rather a state of mind, Southern Tide is broadening its reach and looking to put down roots where destination and community are at the forefront.

The brand recently announced the openings of signature stores in Raleigh, Asheville, and Wilmington, NC, and is now widening its reach to seven new stores in Vero Beach, FL; Westport, CT; Nantucket, Chatham, Lynnfield and Mashpee, MA; and Mount Pleasant, SC. These stores are set to open between March and May 2018. The newest Southern Tide signature stores will feature Southern Tide apparel as well as various styles of specialty ties, bowties, and pocket squares, which were created with licensed partner Harry Bachrach, along with a well-curated selection of other compatible lifestyle brands.

“The development of the Southern Tide signature stores and wider retail programs has allowed our brand to reach new consumers in areas that are important to us,” said Christopher Heyn, CEO of Southern Tide. “Now more than ever data is driving retail decisions, and content is a key factor in helping brands anticipate consumer needs. With these new stores and retail partnerships, we as a brand are advancing the Southern lifestyle that Southern Tide exudes every day.”

The overall retail expansion strategy is all part of Heyn’s “Bricks, Sticks and Clicks” methodology. Through reimagined brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping to curated social media content and mailed catalogs, Southern Tide truly believes all consumers digest information differently. In order to be successful, a healthy mix of all communication vehicles is necessary. The brand continues to recognize its vital partnerships with men’s and women’s specialty stores and is represented in over 750 specialty doors in 45 states across the United States. Over the last three years, Southern Tide has increased its department store presence from 15 to 95 doors and has expanded its signature store program to include 14 locations by July 2018. The brand has more than quadrupled its college campus presence, as well as significantly increased its appearance in country clubs and resorts in the last three years.

Southern Tide’s signature stores cater to consumers looking to incorporate Southern lifestyle and heritage into their wardrobes, even if they don’t live in the South. As personal style and localization remain top of mind in consumer purchasing habits, Southern Tide looks to increase its brand awareness and retail footprint by partnering with local entrepreneurs who own and operate Southern Tide signature stores. Since beginning the program in 2015 with the opening of the Kiawah Island store, the brand has worked with local owners all over the U.S. to open a steady stream of Southern Tide signature stores. When selecting new signature store opportunities, Southern Tide looks for wholesale partners with experience in regions that showcase the brand’s spirit of an active lifestyle while still adhering to the look and feel of the brand’s design aesthetic.