by John Russel Jones

It seems like as soon as summer rolls around we inevitably find ourselves being transported back to the 1960s and photographer Slim Aarons‘ photographs of wealthy, tanned, mid-century socialites having luncheon cocktails at poolside. They’re often dressed in pared-down sleeveless shift dresses, designed by Lily Pulitzer in searingly bright colors and almost jarringly loud prints. Pulitzer, a socialite herself (yes, of that Pulitzer family) employed the services of artist Suzie Zuzek and the Key West Hand Print Fabrics company to create her creative, whimsical, and thoroughly delightful motifs.

The Lilly Loves SC (left) and Croc & Lock It (right) prints.

Although the collection is primarily known for its women’s wear, children’s, and home, it’s often also made forays into menswear. (A 2021 exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum showed a 1970 photograph of New York City Mayor John Lindsay smartly turned out in a blazer that featured a patchwork of the designs – perhaps too much of a good thing.) The prints have always been a perfect combination with summer’s more laidback, casual dressing, so it’s welcome news that coastal lifestyle brand Southern Tide has partnered with Lilly Pulitzer to launch a men’s and youth capsule collection, creating some brand new prints* that are sure to become icons in their own right. This collection celebrates Lilly Pulitzer’s latest foray into menswear by combining these festive prints with Southern Tide’s signature silhouettes and performance features.

The collection includes solid and print shorts, adult and youth print swim trunks, print boxers, printed and solid polos, and printed woven short-sleeved shirts. The two exclusive prints include “Lilly loves SC,” a tribute to South Carolina’s iconic resorts, and “Croc it & Lock it,” a floral featuring a pretty adorable reptile, and Southern Tide’s signature Skipjack. Retails run between $31 for boxers, $100 for trunks, to $115  for woven shirts. The collection breaks tomorrow on and, as well as at select retailers.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: To clarify, The Suzie Zuzek™️ brand and the Zuzek copyrighted prints are not associated in any way with The Oxford Sugartown Lilly Pulitzer or the Southern Tide companies. Please visit  to learn about the new owners of the American brand Suzie Zuzek™️—the contemporary artist, her saved oeuvre of non-pareil prints, and her heartfelt story. Zuzek’s body of work for Key West Hand Print Fabrics, Inc., 1962-1985, is wholly owned by Contact Becky Smith for more information and follow SuzieZuzek on Instagram.