by MR Magazine Staff

Let’s make some noise about NOIZE! They’re a decade-old, Montreal-based, lifestyle brand catering to Gen Z and Millennials entering the workforce. They’re a fashion company focused on cool trendy product that’s cruelty-free: vegan, no fur, no animal byproducts, using recycled or upcycled post-consumer waste material. They believe that what we wear should not only look and feel great but should also positively contribute to a better world.

Yet remarkably, despite these lofty ideals, the company does not make a big deal about their sustainability focus. Explains Managing Director, Mayer Vafi, “We don’t lead with sustainability because for us, it’s a given. We believe everyone should be doing it so it’s not a marketing tactic. We’ve been fur-free for a very long time and we’re a huge supporter of PETA, financially, ethically and operationally. We’re a PETA certified Gold Member. It’s what we believe in.”

Vafi goes on to sum up the ethos of Noize. “At the end of the day, our brand offers the right fashion made the right way at the right price. We’re not a $700 or $800 jacket; our prices average $300 and less.”

He then talks about the merging of work and leisure since the pandemic, which prompted the launch of a loungewear collection made entirely from recycled water bottles. “All of our men’s loungewear and fleece is made in India; it’s organic cotton mixed with recycled product. It’s a heavy brushed fleece, the real deal, comfortable and styled to perfection, in monochromatic looks with pops of color.”

But the mainstay for fall ’22 is still their exceptional collection of technical and fashion outerwear: warm, high-quality, made from innovative, technologically-advanced textiles including faux fur, vegan leather, down alternatives, recycled fill, & organic cotton, designed to keep you warm in temperatures as low as minus-30 degrees. Add to this their on-trend men’s technical weather boots made with recycled rubber, and perfect hiking boots made with recycled fleece and you’ve got the perfect outdoor lifestyle collection. Concludes Vafi, “Our guy is hip. He’s wearing his Air Force Ones. It’s not like we’re a Dad’s brand: we’re designed for that new entrepreneur. Which is why the brand continues to progress organically. (Wait ‘til you see our soon-to-launch swim collection!)”.

Editor’s note: Noize can be found at Nordstrom, Saks, HBC and independent stores across the U.S., Canada and Japan.  For US sales: contact Brand Equity showroom: brian@brandequityshowroom.com