How To Stand Out At The Office For All The Right Reasons This Season

by MR Magazine Staff

“Millennial pink” may be dominating the fashion color wheel right now, but it’s been dominating the wardrobes of stylish guys for decades. Of course, not all pink shirts are created equal. If the color is too saturated, you’ll look like a Miami club owner circa 1994 (which has its place, just not at the office). If the pink is too light, it just looks as though a white shirt got mixed in with your reds on laundry day. (You should be going for nothing brighter or deeper pink than an old-fashioned piece of bubblegum.) And while the hue is neutral enough for most of your go-to tailoring, there’s one can’t-fail move worth trying right now: wearing it with a brown suit. The combo of brown and pink is both unexpected and sophisticated, the rare menswear pairing that will get you noticed but not make you stick out like a sore thumb in the sea of blue shirts at work. Here are eleven we think you should pick up this week. See more at GQ.