Stanley korshak teams up with celebrated artist michael de feo on store windows

by Karen Alberg Grossman
Crawford Brock and Stanley Korshak VP Martha Leonard show off their collaboration with Michael De Feo

A visit to Stanley Korshak in Dallas, Texas is always a treat and this week was no exception. In addition to the most fabulous men’s and women’s apparel and accessories in the world, presented with impact in carefully curated assortments, the store is offering a wonderful surprise this visit: amazing windows by NYC street artist Michael De Feo. Also known as “the flower guy”, De Feo is famous for blowing up fashion ads and painting over them with his bold iconic floral designs. As he has said, “One of the compelling aspects of painting over fashion advertisements is that, although I’m subverting the ads, they frequently end up reading like they were designed that way.”

Treating fashion more respectfully, Stanley Korshak chose to combine fashion and art in a less disruptive manner, while still exploring themes of beauty, ephemerality and life cycles. After all, De Feo’s stated intention when he started out was “simply to spread some cheer and smiles in a city of concrete and steel.”