Stimulus Packages Aren’t Enough To Recover From The COVID-19 Economy

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, the U.S. economy is in freefall. There seems to be no telling when American life will return to normal, or what that new normal will be. But it’s already clear that making communities whole again once the virus is under control will be an enormous challenge, the likes of which our nation has not faced since the aftermath of the Great Depression. It’s easy, however, to predict what U.S. President Donald Trump will promise: that the recovery will be swift and robust, and that all losses will be reversed. In fact, he’s already saying as much. Once the virus is behind us, Trump said at a recent press conference, the economy is “going to pop back like nobody’s ever seen before.” But tell that to the retail worker who lost her job and soon will be months behind on her rent payments. Tell that to the hotel cook who’d been supporting his family paycheck to paycheck with no financial cushion. Tell that to the small business owner whose company was forced to shutter. They, like too many Americans, would beg to differ. Read more at Quartz.