by MR Magazine Staff

In an effort to help men overcome their biggest wardrobe challenges — from retiring outdated threads to navigating new work dress codes — online personal styling and shopping service Stitch Fix is joining forces with Emmy Award-winning actor and producer Keegan-Michael Key for its new “Stitch Fix It” campaign.

A Stitch Fix-commissioned survey found that men hold onto old clothes for a number of reasons, with almost half (46%) citing sentimental value and lack of time as hurdles to a closet refresh. Informed by these results, Stitch Fix teamed up with Key, who admits he is among the 28% of men who regularly wear items more than a decade old. To kick off Key’s first-ever retail partnership, Stitch Fix is debuting an exclusive music video performed by the actor, infused with his signature comic wit, that encourages men to join him in breaking up with their outdated wardrobe.

“I’ll admit, I’m guilty of hanging onto clothes for too long and at times need a nudge to keep me from falling into a style rut,” says Keegan-Michael Key. “For the 40% of men who say tossing their overworn clothing is worse than a break-up, Stitch Fix is the wardrobe wingman ready to arm you with personalized style recommendations and provide a time-saving solution for that wardrobe refresh.”

Feelings of intimidation around dressing for certain events such as weddings (36%), first dates (34%), and even funerals (27%) are also keeping men from reaching their full style potential, with 78% of men claiming they have stood out socially because of their attire. Work-related moments – from dressing for a job interview, company party, or the office after remote work – are particularly stressful for men. Combined, 60% of men say dressing for one of these work scenarios is the most intimidating.

“Stitch Fix is a great solution for guys like me who need a little nudge to let go of old clothes,” says Key. “It helps streamline the shopping experience by showing you items that match your style and size and delivering them right to your door! It has helped inspire me to get rid of old clothes and replace them with staple pieces to refresh my wardrobe.”

Stitch Fix claims that with its personalized shopping model, men can save themselves and those closest to them time by no longer relying on partners for fashion advice (39%) or encouragement to get rid of old clothes (27%). Stitch Fix is also the perfect solution for the 43% of men who say shopping for a whole new wardrobe is more of a hassle than doing their own taxes.