Store Closures Coming In 2019, But Don’t Call It A Retail Apocalypse

by MR Magazine Staff

Just because it’s cold today does not mean that global warming isn’t real. Weather isn’t climate and a chilly day (or even an unexpectedly cold season) does not mean much in the big-picture science behind climate change. The same can be said for the predictions of retail apocalypse you see everywhere. Stores are closing — and a new report from Coresight forecasts that number to grow year-over-year — but blaming those closures on the rise in digital sales ignores what’s actually happening (and some basic math). Digital retailers have exposed how poorly many brick-and-mortar chains are run, forcing a number of them to close stores or even go bankrupt. That’s not happening because consumers have chosen digital over physical. Instead, shoppers have more choice and they can now more easily opt out of shopping at brick-and-mortar chains that do a bad job. Read more at The Motley Fool.