Streetwear Is Still Hot. Influencers, A Survey Says, Are Not.

by MR Magazine Staff

A new survey of a large number of streetwear enthusiasts suggests that the influence of influencers has been wildly overstated. Only a third of those surveyed said social media influencers were the most credible figures in streetwear. They were more likely to be impressed by musicians and “industry insiders.” Still, in a second survey of people who work in the streetwear industry, a majority of the respondents said that they spent between a quarter and three-quarters of their marketing budget “on influencers.” All this information comes from the first Streetwear Impact Report, to be released Tuesday. Published by Hypebeast, the prominent streetwear and culture publication, the report comes from survey responses submitted by 40,960 people and is intended to provide insight and analysis about how and why people buy streetwear. It also highlights the way that a collection of fashion subcultures were lassoed together and pulled toward the mainstream. Read more at The New York Times.