Is Streetwear Rediscovering Its Political Roots?

by MR Magazine Staff

Unless you live a life of extraordinary privilege in a bubble somewhere, 2016 has rendered politics something that cannot be ignored, brushed off or waited-out for four more years. Post-Brexit, post-Trump and post-any semblance of normality, the assumed rights of many – ones that have often taken years of struggle to obtain – have been plunged into uncertainty by the events of the past months. And, while we cannot be certain of the exact consequences of these events, it’s fair to say that the coming years should not be met with political apathy. Supreme recently released a T-shirt which read: “Why not get together with some friends soon and say No! Say no to racists, to sexist pigs, to authority figures, to religion; say no to television, patriotism, political ideologies, any of the thousand and one ways in which this society keeps you from realizing your own needs and desires. You’ll find the more you do it, the more you’ll like it! Just say “fuck off.” You’ll get a lot of satisfaction.” Naturally, this small, defiant gesture sold out, as does much of Supreme’s product. However, its release was notable not only because it echoed the sentiments of many of us, but because it ostensibly addressed the perceived sense of political apathy amongst its consumers. Read more at Highsnobiety.