Who Is Streetwear’s Most Influential Influencer?

by MR Magazine Staff

We live in an age where streetwear and fashion are now one and the same. It’s impossible to ignore that streetwear is no longer a guarded niche community – but rather one that’s global, ubiquitous and infinite in its reach. We’ll always have streetwear’s OGs to look up to, but today the scene’s biggest names aren’t legacy label founders but hugely successful rappers, musicians, and creatives who have turned their careers into personal brand power. While actual influence is impossible to properly quantify, social media clout is a handy analogy for how much sway someone is deemed to have IRL. In recent years, an entire industry has been built around so-called influencer marketing, where people with high social followings are paid thousands of dollars to endorse products via Instagram. In 2017, the practice is looking increasingly ridiculous, but that doesn’t change the fact that in many ways, social media clout is analogous to popularity. So, who are streetwear’s most #influential #influencers? Read more at Highsnobiety.