The Stylish Gym Staple You’re Probably Overlooking

by MR Magazine Staff

In an era of flashy designer track suits and space-age compression basics, ordinary gray sweat shorts might not be top of mind. But, as much as we’re here for logo’d out, technology-fueled gym gear, nothing beats an old-school classic. And old-school these are. Not only do they have a long history of looking scrappy (think Rocky Balboa), they’re also the most honest way to show off all of your hard work at the gym. After all, there’s no hiding behind a cotton henley and some cutoff sweats—the only way to style them is with your muscles. If you never skip leg day and you want to share it with the world, find your perfect pair below. The clincher: These shorts are also a lot more comfortable to watch Netflix in than your too-tight, fashion workout clothes. See more at GQ.