Suit-Lover Sid Mashburn Likes To Accessorize With A Puppy

When quarantine hit, most of the pants-wearing world shifted to sweatpants. Not Sid Mashburn. Sid, who runs the nationwide network of dressed-up stores that bear his name, is pretty sure he owns a pair or two of elastic-waist cotton trousers. He thinks. In any case, they’re just not really his vibe. More his speed, in times both pandemic and not: a shirt, a tie, and a sportcoat. This, he tells me in late May, is just personal preference. If he’s not wearing a tie, he says, “I feel like I’m not really dressed. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s not that I’m standing on ceremony—it just feels right.” But Sid’s unusually formal quarantine fits also reflect the fact that his Atlanta shop, being a mail-order business, was declared essential at the top of the lockdown, meaning he’s spent the past few months going to work. Meaning, in turn, he’s been getting dressed. He knows no other way. “That’s why a lot of these clothes I’m wearing look like I’m at work,” he says. “I have been.” Sid being Sid, his off-duty gear—worn at home, where he’s been shacked up with his wife Ann, four of his five daughters, two cats, and two dogs; “It’s a menagerie, Sam”—holds up pretty well, too. See more at GQ.