by Stephen Garner

Suitsupply has added outerwear to its growing “Custom Made” program. The new category will sit next to the existing custom offering including suits, jackets, trousers, and shirts.

Customers can now choose from 17 fabrics from notable Italian mills and personalize it with countless design and detail options. Retail prices start at $449, crafted and delivered in 2-3 weeks with free delivery and returns.

According to the company, outerwear has become an increasingly popular category at Suitsupply over the years. “Suitsupply’s loyal customers have become accustomed to the ability to fine tune their tailored items with on-site alterations, and many have seamlessly migrated over to our Custom Made program for additional fabric options and other various customizations on their favorite jacket and trouser fits,” a Suitsupply representative tells MR. “Requests for our Custom Made Coats program have been coming in, not only from our customer base, but also from our in-store experts, citing longer and shorter sizes particularly in our double breasted options as a main driver for pointing to Custom Coats.”

Suitsupply notes that customer have loved the seasonal fabric choices featured in its ready-to-wear coat assortment, but perhaps have wanted a single-breasted option instead of double breasted and vice versa. “In the past we haven’t been able to satisfy this need, but with this launch we’re finally able offer customers greater customization options,” the representative tells us. “We are encouraged by the enthusiasm and early success around our Custom Coats and will continue to expand this offering.”

And, the company isn’t ruling out adding any additional categories to this program. “While customer demand is certainly an incentive to grow the program, Suitsupply is also motivated to expand the offering because of the positive post-purchase impact of custom products on the environment. By making products that customers can stay connected to over time, we can subsequently reduce waste to landfill. Suitsupply is proud to be net-carbon neutral from sheep to shop and continuously strives to improve the full life-cycle impact of our products on the environment.”