by Stephen Garner

On Monday, July 11, menswear clothier Suitsupply unveiled its spring/summer 2017 collection to the world. Inspired by Bauhaus, the mid-century German school of design known for its emphasis on practical, everyday objects that inform and improve the way we live our lives, Suitsupply’s collection brings the minimalist aesthetic and pragmatic engineering of Bauhaus into the world of suiting for a look that is at once contemporary, versatile, and eternally stylish.

Staying cool in style is essential for men in summer, and Suitsupply spring 2017 makes copious use of linen to achieve that. The brand’s take on linen is blended with cashmere, cotton, and silk in suits, sweaters and ties alike, using modern textile techniques, for airy comfort with a more structured, contemporary feel. A restrained, tonal palette comprising of off-whites and grass, burnt orange and dark navy, provide soft, yet distinctive, color combinations that let the textural and textile contrast do the talking.

Suitsupply San FranciscoSuitsupply San FranciscoSuitsupply San FranciscoSuitsupply San Francisco
In other Suitsupply news, the brand has opened its first San Francisco location, the brand’s 19th store in America. Located at 175 Maiden Lane, the 5,000-square-foot store features the full array of Suitsupply’s collection, from lightweight linen-blend fabrics in the summer to tweed three-piece suits in the fall. There’s even an on-site tailor who will perform alterations on their new threads as customers wait. Customers will also be shopping and sitting alongside a selection of furniture and light fixtures by renowned mid-century designers, which, along with a café expansion coming later this year, will provide a calm and tastefully designed respite from the downtown bustle.

“We play around more with our styles,” says Suitsupply founder Fokke de Jong. “I guess we don’t take ourselves as seriously as many of our English and Italian colleagues. We don’t really fit in, but we provide a perfect fit, and a pioneering spirit that I think is especially well understood in San Francisco. I know I always feel at home here.”