by Stephen Garner

Dutch-based clothing powerhouse Suitsupply has launched its spring/summer 2016 campaign entitled “Toy Boys”, a steamy flip-of-the-table where the playboys become the playthings.

“Sometimes it seems like it’s a woman’s world these days, and we just live in it,” said the company in a statement. “The modern woman is a confident tower of power, who knows exactly what she wants. She’s beautiful. She’s brilliant. She’s a bona fide titan. It’s hard not to feel…well, dwarfed.”

Shot by photographer Carli Hermes in South Africa,these perfect photos were achieved by transposing male models onto Ken dolls that scantily clad female models were holding as stand-ins. The result: toy-sized men in suggestive situations with larger-than-life women, in other words, a playful new spring/ summer campaign full of beautiful women and beautiful suits.

Or, as Suitsupply puts it, “the water’s warm, the women are beautiful, and the sky is drenched by the sun. And most importantly of all, you’ve got your best suit of armor on your back. Suddenly, it’s obvious. There’s nothing else to do. Simply sit back, and enjoy the ride.”


  1. Damn — these are terrible. Like those super sexist ads of the 50s / 60s that reduced women to nothing but props. And worse, they’re trying to play it off like the women are playing with these “Ken” dolls or something. I call bull-shit. I bet the PR firm was like, “how do we spin a campaign where a woman’s ass in a bikini is getting smacked by a dude in a suit”. Not a single image showing a woman “confident power or tower”…the look like objects, pieces of furniture at best.

  2. Nope. Total failure of concept. The women are still just sexualized props. Suit Supply really needs to find better ad people or change who within their organization is signing off on ads.

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